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9 Things Not To Do to your Skin

The world of beauty & skincare can be overwhelming with information & products. There is a lot of information on what to do to your skin.

Here is a list of things I would recommend never to do to your skin.

  1. Do not Pop or Pick your pimple. Of course, it feels good to pop a pimple but resist the temptation.
  2. Not enough water. You should make it a habit to get enough water inside you. For skin hydration, thankfully Mistastic™ can help your skin stay hydrated on the go.
  3. Take time to at least wash your face before going to bed. Never go to bed with makeup on.
  4. Over exfoliation & using too much soap. Products like Cleansetastic™ & Steamtastic™ will help you stay exfoliated without damaging your skin in the long run.
  5. Treat your Neck & Eyes with the same importance as Face. Do not overlook the neck area.
  6. Avoid having lemon or lime when you are outside in the sun. This will result in pigmentation which can last for long time.
  7. Do not use expired skin care products. This pretty much goes without saying.
  8. Clean your makeup brushes. Foundation & Concealer brushes should be cleaned weekly while eye brushes can be cleaned once every month.
  9. Being obsessed with artificial tanning products and methods. Use them in moderation.