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9 Anti Aging Rules I Tell my Friends

Whether you are looking to steer clear of excessive wrinkles & keep your skin smooth or just to safeguard it better, below are some of the golden rules.

  1.  Never be anti to antioxidants. They are loaded in blue berries & spinach and will help your skin defend itself very well.
  2. Go nuts for Almonds. Almonds are packed with Vitamin E which actively fights aging
  3. Get addicted to herbal water. Be it with green tea or just with your water intake add some antiaging herbs to it.
  4. Even if you are not heavily into exercising, stretch and do back extensions as much as possible to help you age better.
  5. A big NO to Sugar or at least the processed one. Stick to your sugar intake through fruits.
  6. Give much love to mushrooms. It is low in calories and packed with vitamins and antiaging benefits. Plus, they are delicious.
  7. Up your vitamin intake. Make sure your morning is loaded with vitamins, when not possible with breakfast take some supplements.
  8. Do not underestimate your required Beauty Sleep. Missing out regularly on your required resting time does more harm than you can imagine.
  9. Do not quit on sunscreen. Wear the right sunscreen even during winter.