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7 Easy Steps to know your Skin Type

Are you sure you know how your skin behaves when its hot & humid or chilly & dry outside?

Are you making sure your skin is getting the nutrients it deserves?

Knowing your skin type is the key to answer these questions. Most women misdiagnose their skin type and end up using wrong skin care products resulting in more problems by aggravating existing skin issues in the long run.

The same product when applied on two different skin types will end up reacting completely different!

Luckily, you can know your skin type with these simple steps….

  1. Wash your face thoroughly before going to bed without applying any skin care product
  2. Switch off your air conditioner for the night if possible
  3. After you wake up, touch & feel how your “C” zone and “T” zone in your face feels
  4. If both your “T” zone & “C” zone feels oily, then you have oily skin
  5. If your “T” zone is oily & “C” zone feels dry, then you have a normal skin
  6. If your skin feels dry in both “T” & “C” zones, then you have a dry skin
  7. If your skin looks a little red and you feel irritation and skin being stretched, then you have a dry skin which is sensitive

Remember the same skin care product on two different skin types will react completely different!