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5 Skincare Topics in the Trend

Skin is the window to inner health & wellness. Healthy mind & body is the very basic for youthful looking skin. Skin is also the first line of defense against the outside world.

Here are the topics which have been trending in the late 2020 and will be so in 2021

Holistic Approach

Skincare is no more about what you do just to your skin. Focus on good gut health as part of skincare is increasing and will continue to remain so

Naturally Enhancing Beauty Tools

Be it The Wonder Roller™ or Mistastic™ the use of tools which combines technology with long used methods to enhance skincare is becoming more popular.

Commitment to Cruelty Free

In a world which is more connected, the understanding of how and where products are made are getting in high focus. Skintastic has been ahead of this curve has always been providing the market with cruelty free products.

Clean up

The focus on proper methods of exfoliating and cleaning the skin is gaining more. Tools like Cleansetastic™ & Steamtastic™ is gaining focus as they help embracing natural beauty.

Combining Stress Reduction with Skin Care

As modern life squeezes more from us in the available 24 hours, stress is pretty much part of regular life for lot of people. However it does not have to be this way. Products like The Wonder Roller™ & Ytastic™ not only helps with skincare but also helps with stress reduction. Combine skincare & destressing and get the best of both world.