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5 Must Do Preventive Skincare Hacks

Guess which is the largest organ in your body? Yes, it is indeed the skin! It contains millions of pores, even if most of them are not visible to the human eye. When the pores are clogged with dirt, bacteria, oil or dead skin cells it makes your skin have dull appearance.

Following these 5 simple hacks on a regular basis will help you achieve naturally healthy looking skin

  1. Exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. Thankfully, products like Cleansetastic™ & Steamtastic™ helps you provide the best care for your skin.
  2. Wear a sunscreen which is suitable for your skin type and remember winter does not mean no sunscreen. Make this your daily habit.
  3. Choose noncomedogenic skin care products that don’t clog pores.
  4. Hydrate & Mositurize. Always moisturize your skin, even if it’s oily. There are moisturizers designed specifically for this skin type. Remember to carry Mistastic™ to help your skin be hydrated at all times.
  5. Use collagen-boosting products that contain antioxidants, keep track of your gut health.